Current Work:

There has been no time in my life that our country has been more divided along lines of race, politics and religion.   This atmosphere of division inhibits progress on so many of the important societal issues we face today.  Moving beyond this divisive atmosphere needs to come from a multi-faceted approach.  It is my belief that art can be a powerful tool to contribute to this effort.  Equally important, is a willingness to be open to engage with people of differing backgrounds and perspectives.  My recent work is intended to celebrate the beauty and complexity of culture and diversity, while acknowledging the struggles faced by individuals involving identity, racism and division.   The work begins as I sit down with people and listen to their unique story. Each piece represents this experience, inspired by their stories to serve as an invitation to the viewer, where the conversation can continue. 


Nathan Murray is a figurative ceramic sculptor from Nebraska.  He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2009.  After working independently on post-baccalaureate work, Nathan accepted a graduate teaching assistantship at the University of Florida.  Nathan received his Master of Fine Arts in 2015 and returned to Nebraska for a year long residency at the Lux Center for the Arts.   Nathan is currently continuing work at the Lux, working as a studio artist and teaching various classes in the community with an Emerging Artis Fellowship.